A Tailored Approach for Every Mission

Non-Profit Payroll

No two non-profits are the same, nor should the approach to managing their payroll and HR needs be. From adjustable payroll services for volunteer numbers to strategic HR planning, our solutions are as diverse as the missions of the organizations we support.

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Customized solutions that

Empower your mission

  • Streamlined payroll processing

    Simplify the payroll process, enabling your organization to manage full-time, part-time employee compensation and timekeeping effortlessly.

  • Budget-friendly strategies

    Cost-effective solutions that maximize your resources, ensuring that more funds are allocated towards your mission rather than administrative costs.

  • Regulatory compliance assurance

    Ensure your organization is always in compliance with local, state, and federal laws, mitigating risk and safeguarding your organization's integrity.

  • Customization for unique needs

    Customizable payroll services that cater specifically to the unique demands of your organization, whether that involves varied pay cycles or complex benefits.

  • Accessible dedicated support

    Ensure personalized, immediate assistance for any payroll-related inquiries or issues, allowing for seamless problem resolution.

  • Scalable solutions for growth

    Adapt effectively to organizational changes with scalable payroll services that grow with your business, ensuring you're always equipped for the future.

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Compliance solutions that

Protect your mission

Payroll taxes

Employee and employer payroll taxes deducted and paid automatically for you.

IRS correspondence

IRS notices and inquiries handled for you by our expert Tax Team.

Wages and overtime

Automatically track minimum wage and overtime regulations across all states.

Compliance reporting

Easily download reports for EEO-1 reporting and OSHA reporting and more.

W-2 and 1099 filing

Avoid penalties and refiling W-2s and 1099s with on time, electronic filing.

Workers' compensation

Workers Comp calculations and filing done accurately and on time, on your behalf. 

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Migrate confidently with our

Proven onboarding process


Laying the Foundation

Begin your Tesseon journey with an initial meeting to collect necessary documentation and deep dive into your specific payroll and HR needs.

Crafting Your Solution

The careful crafting of your customized company profile, input of prior compensation and employee data to meet your requirements.

Empowering Your Team

One on one, personalized training with your users, ensuring smooth operation as your first payrolls run under the guidance of our onboarding team.

Transition to Continued Care

With confidence and success in your initial payrolls, seamlessly transition to our Client Services team for sustained support and excellence in service.


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