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Our HR software simplifies HR for small businesses and provides human resource solutions that grow when you do. Your path to reducing paperwork and manual tasks starts here!

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Improve your HR experience

HR Software Features

Our HR software provides everything your business needs to thrive and is customizable for your business growth to any size.

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Easy to use Employee Self-Service

One HR tool for employee communications, acknowledgments, and signatures.

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Intuitive Performance Reviews

Streamline your Performance Review process with compensation and absenteeism tracking and more.

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HR Services and Guidance

Access to HR Compliance resources and support with employee handbook review and customization.

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Employee Onboarding

New Employee Onboarding is a breeze with our electronic and automated onboarding process.

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Customer Service

Unparalleled customer service with a dedicated representative.


We're the best of the best

Your business deserves the personalized attention of a knowledgeable expert. That’s why our clients are assigned a dedicated customer service representative. Reach out to begin working with our 5 star reviewed team!

How we can Help

Prioritize HR compliance in your business.

It’s time to turn over your HR to the compliance experts. Our team keeps our clients in compliance and up to date.

Seamlessly collect New Hire Paperwork through our electronic onboarding.
Gather employee handbook acknowledgement and electronic signatures for policy updates and employee communications.
Keep up to date with federal and your state’s law change alerts and current HR forms.
Automated accrual management with customizable rules.
Record and track employee performance reviews, disciplinary actions, and certifications.
Streamline your offboarding checklist with electronic employee offboarding.

Customized Employee Handbook Options:

Don’t have an employee handbook?

Free yourself from the stress of writing your own employee handbook. We have an expert team dedicated to learning your business and creating an employee handbook for you.

Already have an employee handbook?

Our expert team reviews existing employee handbooks for compliance issues and will update it every year with your policy changes.

we are the experts

HR software configured for your industry

Our HR software is designed to assist companies in managing their HR departments more effectively, regardless of industry. With these automated tools, companies can streamline complex HR processes, saving time and reducing errors. Features like analytics and goal setting enable companies to measure employee performance and drive employee growth and development.


Restaurant workers

Say goodbye to payroll calculation errors and difficulty processing tips. Speed up the hiring process with customizable workflows and empower your employees with a self-service experience that gives you back time for what you do best.
Health Care
Professional Services

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