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Applicant Tracking Software

Designed to automate and streamline the entire hiring process from job posting to onboarding. Harness the power of wide job posting, superior team collaboration, and effective screening to ensure you connect with and select only the top talent, while our powerful analytics and customized solutions empower your decisions and processes, making hiring not just a task, but a strategic advantage.

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Customized solutions that

Empower your hiring team

  • Wide Job Post Distribution

    Easily reach thousands of job boards, including social media, to ensure your openings get maximum visibility.

  • Superior Team Collaboration

    Enhance teamwork with integrated calendars, emails, and messaging, making communication smooth and effective.

  • Effective Screening Tools

    Quickly identify top candidates with smart screening tools like screening questions and resume parsing, saving time and focusing on quality hires.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Access comprehensive reports on candidate sources, application volumes, conversion rates, and other essential metrics.

  • Legal Compliance

    Generates the reports necessary for affirmative action planning and compliance audits, ensuring that your recruitment practices meet legal standards.

  • Stay on Top of Mind

    Easy collaboration with candidates at every stage of hiring with one-click email templates, assessments and interview scheduling.

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Customizable solutions that

Organize your hiring team

Customized Experience

Customizable Job Applications, Job Templates, and Customizable candidate scoring ensure a custom fit for your recruitment process.

Job Requisition Tracking

Streamline the process of initiating, approving, and filling job openings, ensuring that each step is efficiently managed and aligned with organizational needs and resources.

Integrated with Onboarding

Integration with our onboarding module, ensuring a smooth transition from candidate selection to employee onboarding, streamlining the entire hiring to payroll process.

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