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Our payroll software and payroll compliance services simplify payroll processing for small businesses and provide scalable solutions that grow when you do. Your dream to easily pay your employees accurately and on time starts today!

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Improve your payroll experience

Payroll Software Features

Our automated payroll system provides everything a small business needs to thrive and is customizable to your business's growth to any size.

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Easy to use Employee Self-Service

Online and mobile access to employee pay stubs, W-2s, and benefits information.

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Customizable Payroll Processing

Flexible employee pay options of Direct Deposit, Pay Cards or printed checks.

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Payroll Reports

Wide variety of Payroll Reports Custom Report Builder & Building Services

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General Ledger

General Ledger Integration and customizations to simplify your accounting process.

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Customer Service

Unparalleled customer service and payroll practices with a dedicated representative.


We're the best of the best

Your business deserves the personalized attention of a knowledgeable expert. That’s why our clients are assigned a dedicated customer service representative. Reach out to begin working with our 5 star reviewed team!

How we can Help

Improve payroll compliance

Seamlessly manage Child Support & Wage Garnishment and payments.
Employee and employer payroll taxes deducted and paid automatically for you.
Avoid re-filing W-2s and 1099s and their penalties with Social Security Number Verification.
IRS notices and inquiries handled for you by our expert Tax Team.
Workers Comp calculations and filing done accurately and on time, on your behalf.
Easily generate compliance reports for EEO-1 Reporting and OSHA Reporting, Certified Payroll Reporting and more.

Flexible Managed Payroll Services Options:

Full-Service Payroll Services

Free yourself from payroll responsibilities with our Full-Service Payroll option. Simply call or email your dedicated payroll professional with your needs and we will take care of the rest.

Self-Service and Corporate Payroll Services

Keep control of your payroll processes with our Self-Service Payroll options. Don’t worry, you’ll still get our 5 Star Support from your dedicated payroll professional along with the other features of our payroll software.

we are the experts

In payroll compliance experts for your industry

Our payroll software is designed to be flexible and highly configurable for any industry. Each client can customize the system to suit their needs, making it simple to update payroll information and providing the necessary calculations for net pay regardless of industry. Additionally, comprehensive reporting tools are available so that users can accurately track payroll information. The process to start up or switch payroll providers has never been easier!


Restaurant workers

Say goodbye to payroll calculation errors and difficulty processing tips. Speed up the hiring process with customizable workflows and empower your employees with a self-service experience that gives you back time for what you do best.
Health Care
Professional Services

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