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Elevate your payroll solution with our large and small business onboarding software, expertly crafted to facilitate new employee integration. Embrace a scalable onboarding solution that evolves in tandem with your business’s expansion, delivering consistent efficiency and support.

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Improve your new employee onboarding experience.

Onboarding Software Features

Our employee onboarding software provides everything a small business needs to thrive and is customizable for your business growth to any size.

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One Platform

Seamlessly manage onboarding and compliance documentation, all in a single platform.

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Email Notifications

Auto-generated e-mails are sent to HR and supervisors to keep them apprised of the new hire’s progress.

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Workflow Automation

Enables easy implementation, collection, tracking and storage of all forms and documents, including federal and state tax forms.

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Integrates with Recruiting Software

Start your new hire’s onboarding experience straight from our integrated recruiting software avoiding multiple data entry.

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Customer Service

Unparalleled customer service with a dedicated representative.


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Your business deserves the personalized attention of a knowledgeable expert. That’s why our clients are assigned a dedicated customer service representative. Reach out to begin working with our 5 star reviewed team!

How we can Help

Simplify employee onboarding in your business.

It’s time to simplify new hire onboarding management for your business. Our onboarding software automates the onboarding process and eliminates paperwork.

The new hire receives an e-mail authentication link to start onboarding.
The new hire completes information and uploads supporting tax documentation (W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit).
If required information has been omitted, the new hire will be unable to proceed until that step is completed.
The new hire reviews and confirms all information before submission.
An assigned editor can enter additional information (e.g., salary, verification).
Auto-generated e-mails are sent to HR and supervisors to keep them apprised of the new hire’s progress.

Complete the employee lifecycle with

Offboarding Software

With our included offboarding module, simplify and streamline each step of the offboarding process, providing a positive experience for both departing employees and your organization.

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Onboarding and offboarding software configured for your industry

Our onboarding and offboarding software is designed to be flexible, integrate with payroll and configurable for any industry. It can be tailored to any employee onboarding and offboarding process with customizable workflows, policies, and procedures. Additionally, our software is designed to be secure and compliant with industry regulations, helping ensure that your business and employees remain protected.


Restaurant workers

Say goodbye to payroll calculation errors and difficulty processing tips. Speed up the hiring process with customizable workflows and empower your employees with a self-service experience that gives you back time for what you do best.
Health Care
Professional Services

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