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For over 30 years Tesseon has been saving businesses money on payroll and HR, offering a simple platform and award-winning, personal service when you need it.


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Payroll without the Pitfalls

Empower Your Team with Self-Service

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Our user-friendly platform provides employees effortless online and mobile access to their pay stubs, W-2s, and benefits details, enabling them to take charge of their financial documents anytime, anywhere.

Tailored Payroll Flexibility

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We offer a customizable payroll experience with a variety of payment methods including Direct Deposit, Pay Cards, or traditional printed checks, keeping your workforce satisfied and your payroll processes versatile.

Insightful Payroll Analytics

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Access a rich array of payroll reports and harness the power of our Custom Report Builder & Building Services to draw actionable insights and drive strategic decisions.

Seamless Integrations

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Unify Your Workforce Management with Seamless Integration of Payroll, Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Time Tracking, and Benefits Administration Solutions, Custom-Built to Streamline Your HR Ecosystem.

Commitment to Excellence in Service

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Our attentive customer service team is dedicated to providing expert payroll assistance that outperforms the 'big guys.' We're here to make sure every question gets a clear answer, reinforcing a dependable and trusting relationship with each interaction.


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Master Payroll Compliance with Expertise

  • Payroll Taxes

    Employee and employer payroll taxes deducted and paid automatically for you. 

  • W-2 and 1099 Filing

    Avoid penalties and refiling W-2s and 1099s with Social Security Number Verification.

  • Compliance Reporting

    Easily download reports for EEO-1 reporting and OSHA reporting and more!

  • Wages and Overtime

    Automatically track minimum wage and overtime regulations across all states.

  • IRS Correspondence

    IRS notices and inquiries handled for you by our expert Tax Team.

  • Workers' Compensation

    Workers Comp calculations and filing done accurately and on time, on your behalf. 

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Payroll configured for your industry

Streamline your payroll with Tesseon's precision-crafted automated system. Our robust compliance services simplify complex processes, offering you a stress-free payroll experience. Explore how Tesseon's Payroll Services can benefit your business.


Restaurant workers

Say goodbye to payroll calculation errors and difficulty processing tips. Speed up the hiring process with customizable workflows and empower your employees with a self-service experience that gives you back time for what you do best.

Health Care
Retail Stores
Professional Services
Municipal Services

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