Tesseon Launching New Learning Management Platform, Tesseon University


ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI: Today, Tesseon, is announcing the launch of its new Learning Management Platform and, with it, Tesseon University.

According to Tesseon’s CEO Rick Cottrell, Tesseon University was built to improve the training experience for new hires as well as maximize the long-term potential and retention of existing team members. Says Cottrell, “We built the Learning Management Platform to accelerate and formalize the development of our people and allow them to achieve success faster. Already we are seeing an increase in team member achievement and longer tenure as well as company productivity and profitability. It is really a win for everyone. We are excited to now share the platform with other companies, helping them achieve next-level success.”

Tesseon’s Learning Management Platform will be a complete solution for any company that wants to formally develop the maximum potential of its people. A few of the features include – Comprehensive Skill Development, Continuing Education and Certification Tracking, Testing and Ranking, Monitoring and Reporting, Customizable Dashboards, and a flexible AI Interface for ongoing content enhancement. It is fully customizable and cloud-based making it accessible anywhere, through any device.

Says Cottrell, “assuming that a company has the right people in the right seats, this platform will ensure that each of them quickly achieves an optimal level of performance, then helps them with ongoing development and growth as they progress with the company.”

About Tesseon: Tesseon, an award-winning payroll and human resource technology company has been helping its clients succeed, internationally, for over 30 years. It’s services include payroll processing, time and attendance, benefits administration, compliance auditing, as well as a full suite of HR services designed to support increased growth and profitability.

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