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EOS-Powered Partnership

When you partner with Tesseon, you're working with a company that shares your commitment to EOS principles. We've built our organization on the same foundation of efficiency, accuracy, and strategic vision, so you can trust that our all-in-one HR and payroll platform will help you streamline processes and focus on growing your business.

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An EOS Payroll Partner

  • EOS-Aligned Team

    Our team communicates and collaborates using the same EOS principles and language that drive your business.

  • All-In-One Payroll Software

    Simplify your payroll processes with our comprehensive, user-friendly platform that handles everything in one place.

  • Data-Driven Insights

    Make informed decisions using valuable insights into labor costs, employee turnover, and other key workforce metrics.

  • Efficiency and Simplicity

    Save time and resources with our streamlined payroll services, freeing you to focus on your core business objectives.

  • Scalability for Growth

    Our payroll solutions are designed to scale alongside your business as it grows within the EOS framework.

  • Commitment to Excellence in Service

    Our customer service team is dedicated to providing expert payroll assistance that outperforms the 'big guys.' We're here to make sure every question gets a clear answer, reinforcing a dependable and trusting relationship.

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What our clients are saying about us

An All-In-One Platform to

Manage the Employee Lifecycle

Streamlined payroll processing with automated calculations, tax filings, direct deposits, and reporting integrated into a single user-friendly platform.

Simplified benefits administration with seamless carrier connections, online open enrollment, life event management, and robust employee self-service tools.

Centralizing all core HR functions including performance management, employee data tracking, compliance management, and on-demand expert HR consulting within a unified platform.

Robust time and attendance tracking with mobile clock-in/out, schedule management, labor distribution reports, and seamless payroll integration.

Comprehensive scheduling tools including shift scheduling, schedule publication and communication, schedule trade management, and regulatory compliance monitoring.

Streamlined employee lifecycle management with customizable onboarding workflows, electronic documentation, automated provisioning/de-provisioning, and compliance tracking for seamless onboarding and offboarding.

Simplified expense management through automated expense reporting, receipt tracking, policy enforcement, approval workflows, and seamless reimbursement processing.

Full-featured applicant tracking system with job posting across multiple channels, automated resume screening, configurable approval workflows, and integrated onboarding for efficient talent acquisition.

Integrated LMS enables centralized training administration with a course library, automated assignments, certifications tracking, and seamless learning record documentation within the HRIS.

Comprehensive ACA compliance management with automated employee status tracking, easy IRS reporting, and seamless integration with payroll and benefits data to ensure year-round compliance.

Frequently asked questions

We believe in our product and service so much that we don't use contracts. At Tesseon, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional payroll solutions tailored to the retail industry without locking you into long-term commitments. Our goal is to earn your trust and loyalty through consistent, high-quality service, not restrictive contracts.

W-2 forms are issued to employees, indicating that their employer withholds taxes and often provides benefits. Conversely, 1099 forms are for independent contractors responsible for their own taxes and usually not eligible for benefits.

We have a transparent pricing model and no contracts - so you won't have to worry about surprises. You can get an instant quote for our Essentials Package on our Instant Quote page.

The simple answer is no. Our team works in your existing system and migrates the data for you, making our quick onboarding a breeze.

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