Government Compliance

Payroll Compliance

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Stay Compliant with Federal and State Regulations

With our knowledgeable team and our proven compliance audit process, Tesseon can help take compliance worries off of your shoulders saving you time and money.

One aspect that every business cannot afford to overlook is government compliance, regardless of the industry you are operating in. From abiding by OSHA regulations to filing your taxes on time, there may be a number of regulations you need to keep compliant with. Let our knowledgeable team at Tesseon ensure that your operations are legal and above board, all year round.

Labor Law Poster Compliance

If you are an employer who hires at least one paid employee, you must put up labor law posters in your worksite. This is mandated by state and federal regulations. Further regulations may be required locally. Some of the posters you may be required to put up include health and safety posters, first aid posters, and more. This should be in a place that is easily and frequently accessible by all employees.

OSHA, EEOC, VETS & Disability Compliance Reporting

OSHA compliance is meant to ensure that employers and workers are equipped with the knowledge they require to minimize injuries and illnesses in the workplace. The EEOC helps to ensure that candidates are not discriminated against based on protected characteristics such as ethnicity, religion, gender, age, and disability. Our solutions can help to monitor your company’s compliance with these acts and ensure that your reports reflect this accurately.

Tax Filing and Deposits

We all know the panic that can ensue regarding tax filing season. If there have been any changes to your business over the past year, you may also be unsure whether you are following your tax deposits correctly. Let our knowledgeable team assist you with accurate tax filing and deposit so that you will not have to rush to complete this paperwork when the deadline rolls around again.

Wage Garnishment, Administration & Reporting

Has your company been ordered by the court to set aside a portion of an employee’s paycheck each month to pay back a debt they have incurred? This can be for numerous reasons, such as paying off child support or student loans. The employee’s pay will be garnished until such a time as the debt has been completely paid off.

If you are paying a part of your employee’s wages to their creditor every month, this will need to be recorded and reported accordingly. Our team can assist you with the entire process so that you do not have to worry about falling out of compliance.

State New Hire Reporting

Although the requirements may vary according to the state you are operating in, you will be required to report newly hired and rehired employees within a specified time limit. This includes contract and self-employed workers. Some information you need to provide include their full name, address, Social Security number as well as start date. The process of filing can be confusing, which is why we are here to take care of it on your company’s behalf.

Certified Payroll

Are you a contractor or subcontractor on a government contract? If so, you may be required to file a certified payroll. Certified payroll is an important part of complying with government contract requirements. By using Tesseon’s certified payroll service, contractors can ensure that they are paying their employees correctly and avoiding costly fines and penalties.