Successfully Leaving a PEO: A Checklist

This comprehensive checklist is your step-by-step guide to successfully leaving a PEO. From preparing your payroll and ensuring compliance to setting up best practices for recruiting, onboarding, and training – we’ve got you covered. Understand when it’s time to leave, how to transition essential HR functions in-house, and ensure continuous employee support. Perfect for businesses ready for the next growth phase, this guide simplifies the process, ensuring a smooth transition away from your PEO partnership, allowing you to regain full control over your company’s HR operations.


Considering leaving your PEO? Tesseon’s dedicated PEO Exit Management team provides expert guidance to ensure a seamless transition. Our comprehensive services include payroll setup, benefits coordination, compliance management, and dedicated support throughout the process. Trust Tesseon as your strategic partner for navigating a successful PEO exit while minimizing disruptions to your business operations. Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore a tailored solution.

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