Leaving a PEO: Choosing the Right Payroll Provider

Transitioning from a PEO requires strategic planning, with selecting the right payroll provider at its core. Essential steps include defining HRIS and payroll requirements, appointing a new benefits broker, adhering to state and tax considerations, and seamlessly re-hiring employees. Emphasize on system integration, comprehensive support, and robust compliance measures. Partnering with professionals ensures a smooth shift, securing your business’s HR operations effectively.

Considering leaving your PEO? Tesseon’s dedicated PEO Exit Management team provides expert guidance to ensure a seamless transition. Our comprehensive services include payroll setup, benefits coordination, compliance management, and dedicated support throughout the process. Trust Tesseon as your strategic partner for navigating a successful PEO exit while minimizing disruptions to your business operations. Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore a tailored solution.

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