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Our Payroll and HR Compliance Services simplify payroll processes for small businesses and provides scalable solutions that grow when you do.

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It's time to turn over your HCM needs to the experts. Our solutions will streamline your processes giving you more time and adding to your bottom line.

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HCM Solutions for any size business

HR and payroll
HR & Payroll

Easily and accurately pay employees and manage employee tasks and documents in one place.

Talent Management
Talent Management

From recruiting to retention improve employee satisfaction and success.

Workforce Management
Workforce Management

Reduce labor spend, manage overtime, and maximize productivity across your workforce.

Benefits Administration
Benefits Administration

Integrations and customizations to streamline your benefit administration and enrollment.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance

Increase your bottom line and optimize your Health, Workers' Compensation and Business insurance.


We're the best of the best

Your business deserves the personalized attention of a knowledgeable expert. That’s why our clients are assigned a dedicated customer service representative. Reach out to begin working with our 5 star reviewed team!

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Kerri JohnsonKerri Johnson
23:47 29 Mar 23
This is a totally transparent review. I have been in HR for 25 years. I have intentionality not learned payroll. Having communicated this with Jill, our rep, she assured me that was not a problem. Having navigated various platforms, I found their site very easy to navigate, however, we signed up for the HR support, so if I can't get to something, I know I just have to email our rep and she's got it covered.
Dana BurkeDana Burke
19:28 29 Mar 23
Tesseon has been processing our firm's payroll for several years. Everyone I have worked with there has been very professional and extremely helpful. Any questions we have had about how to handle something payroll related has always been answered promptly and efficiently. We would highly recommend their services. You will not be disappointed!
ken chinwezeken chinweze
04:47 06 Feb 23
Tesseon has been doing our payroll for over three years and we find them to be an outstanding company with excellent customer service. The staff members are at adept and very professional. I highly recommend their services and working with them has been a pleasure of ours.Ken
Alice StewardAlice Steward
20:51 03 Feb 23
The Tesseon staff are always helpful and patient with any of our company's needs. I tried doing payroll and taxes, thank you Tesseon for being right here to rescue me. I would recommend them to anyone.Alice Steward, Missouri Youth Services Institute
Sharon ZimmerSharon Zimmer
20:24 31 Jan 23
I work at a CPA firm, so we work with a few different payroll companies. Tesseon is by far the greatest, and that is not an exaggeration. Firstly, it's local to our region and not a nationwide payroll service. Secondly, I've never had better customer service from a payroll company. As a client, you are assigned to ONE payroll representative. Any time you call, you will always be connected to that payroll representative. If they are unavailable, there are other reps filling in in their absence. I've never experienced any wait times with Tesseon. One of my payroll reps resigned and notified me directly. She also introduced me to her replacement rep. The replacement rep reached out to address any concerns and needs I had right from the beginning to develop a client relationship. Lastly, I'm just impressed by the customer care. My payroll rep is always willing and ready to help to take on any questions or task I may have. She's jumped through hoops trying to take on a major task I've instructed her with recently to try to accommodate my client as well as make sure the payroll program functions in the most efficient way. And she has been working through it so patiently, graciously, and willingly. I can't speak highly enough of Tesseon. They have become my go-to payroll provider and always the one I recommend first.
MATT KrutzschMATT Krutzsch
17:14 30 Jan 23
Tesseon has been processing our company payroll for many years and has always given outstanding service. The staff always willing to help and get you the answers you need. Brandy usually answers the phone and can put anyone in a good mood. Cina is my go to lady, I have called many times and Cina is always a pleasure and willing to help us out anytime. It's a pleasure to work with Tesseon!
Stacy FrierdichStacy Frierdich
16:03 30 Jan 23
Tesseon is the best payroll company I have ever worked alongside. Cina, my account manager is the absolute best!!! The entire company is so helpful, and they help each other out all the time too! If Cina isn't available someone else will help. They have urgency and are always looking out for what is best for your company! Each employee is extremely educated on the system, and they are people you can trust. I have worked with other companies and Tesseon by far goes above and beyond!! To the entire staff and especially Cina, THANK YOU!!!
Bradley EubankBradley Eubank
22:29 09 Dec 22
I've been with Tesseon over 8 years; my experience has been fantastic. Everyone who has worked with me has been professional, helpful and completely competent. My experience with one of the national payroll companies was the opposite of Tesseon's outstanding commitment to excellent customer service.

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Payroll configured for your industry

Our payroll software is designed to be flexible and highly configurable for any industry. Each client can customize the system to suit their needs, making it simple to update payroll information and providing the necessary calculations for net pay regardless of industry. Additionally, comprehensive reporting tools are available so that users can accurately track payroll information.

Our payroll software is designed to be flexible and highly configurable for any industry.


Restaurant workers

Say goodbye to payroll calculation errors and difficulty processing tips. Speed up the hiring process with customizable workflows and empower your employees with a self-service experience that gives you back time for what you do best.
Health Care
Professional Services
Municipal Services

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