Employee Retention

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Are You Hiring and Retaining the Right People?

Tesseon’s employee engagement platform gives their clients the ability to individually nurture a trusting relationship with each employee.  Our technology is only part of the solution – we back it up with the world class support. 

The cost of hiring and training new employees can quickly start to add up, especially if your company has a high turnover rate. To this end, investing in employee retention can go a long way, and there are numerous aspects you can leverage to encourage this. 

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

When new employees first join your company, they will need to get started with the onboarding process. No matter how senior their role may be, they will need to familiarize themselves with your company culture and values as well as learn how to use the different systems they will be working with. When you choose the right learning management system, this process can be simplified on both ends. Our team at Tesseon will take into account your unique business needs to recommend the best system for you.

From content personalization to mobile learning, the process of onboarding can be facilitated effectively through the right system. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also allows you to assign the most appropriate roles to the right users. Through this process, any new hire will automatically be enrolled into the right program subsequently, with minimal effort on your part.

User-Friendly Employee Portal

An employee portal serves numerous purposes, such as allowing each worker to see how many days off they have left as well as the claims they have submitted. This will allow them to access the information they require without hassle, whether they are in the office or using the system remotely. This includes personal data, updates on company events, information on the projects they are working on, and more.

One benefit of having a user-friendly employee portal is that workers are able to access the information they need while on the go. This can allow for flexible working arrangements — when an employee is unable to be physically present at the office, they will still be able to attend to their work responsibilities to some degree. With everything located in one central dashboard, employees will no longer have to jump through several hoops just to obtain the information they are looking for.

Performance Reviews

At the end of each working year or more frequently, it is the practice for each employee to undergo a performance review. This review gives employers a chance to evaluate how an employee has been performing as well as the progress they have made. Areas of improvement can also be pointed out. Employees who have performed exceptionally well may be in for a pay raise or promotion. On the other hand, it is also a chance for employees to feedback to management on how operations can be improved in the workplace.

Performance reviews can allow both employers and employees to evaluate whether the role is right for them. With our retention platform, you can quickly glimpse the actionable insights you require from performance reviews when it comes to promoting, retaining, or letting an employee go.