May 30, 2023

How Time and Attendance Tracking Can Improve Employee Management

Tracking and processing employee work hours can be beneficial to your company in a multitude of ways. As a small business it’s important to create an attendance policy and workplace schedule as well as plan shift changes, time off, organize start and end times for a shift. Add in tracking employee hours with wages and withholdings, and the room for error is significant.

Keeping track of all of these is paramount when building a business. Having assistance in this area can create less mistakes, improve productivity and save on labor costs. A Time and Attendance system leads to better time management overall and ensures better accuracy regarding hours worked, break times as well as compliance in regard to federal and state laws.

Tracking these items benefits the employee.

Employees are guaranteed their workload stays within the rules and regulations of federal and state laws. Time spent working is tracked as well as breaks. With a historical record of changes, employees will know their rights are being taken seriously and can adjust accordingly if need be.

Productivity can be measured as well, which allows the employee to show their employer what they are doing when at the workplace. This also allows employers to show interest and concern to their employees which increases trust amongst the team. Additionally, having a portal for employees to monitor their PTO, shift swaps and scheduling their own time creates a manageable workplace where employees have a feel for being in charge of their own time.

Tracking is the best way to know what is working and what is not.

As for the employer, managing employees and their usage of time is the backbone of a business. Knowing what your employees are doing productivity-wise throughout their shift is essential to keeping your business thriving. It is also an easier way to keep track of employees’ clock in and out time if they are reaching overtime. Instead of having to monitor all this on a daily basis and take time out of an already busy schedule, managers can rely on an outsourcing company to track this. Managers can then review the data thus saving time throughout the day for other things that need to be handled. In accordance with federal and state regulations as well, tracking time and attendance of each employee keeps everything up to date from a legal standpoint. Using an outside company that is up to date on all regulations allows business owners and managers to focus on growing their business.

Tracking time and attendance will make your business run more smoothly. It assists in PTO, creating schedules, making sure there are no gaps in the schedules, and avoiding payroll errors. Using a company like Tesson to organize all employees’ PTO or break needs, and tracking what is of utmost importance like payroll and scheduling it sets a tone of competence. Employees will be able to work better in a thriving business and managers will have more time to focus on other items.

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