Employee Benefits: How They Help Retain Top Talent

May 30, 2023

Top talent can be hard to find and it is important to retain this talent when found. A competitive salary can reel in a potential candidate but there is more to a job than just a salary. Good leadership and management at the top trickles down to make everyone’s job a bit easier. By being communicative and caring about your employees and their needs, they will likely work harder and stick around longer. This reduces turnover rates which saves money on training and saves time looking for new employees who fit the position.

Some options, in addition to a promised salary, that entice employees to a workplace can be comprehensive benefit packages. Packages can include bonuses, health insurance options, commission, retirement plans and even stock options if your business offers that. Knowing that a retirement plan is in place gives a sense of ease of what your future is going to look like. Having health benefits for employees and their families gives a sense of security in case anyone becomes sick or has an emergency.

Employees are people too who need a good work- life balance so the option of potentially working from home on some days can be a great benefit. If your business does not offer remote work, having a little bit of flexibility also encourages employees to sign on with your business. Life can happen, doctor appointments will have to be made, random issues can present themselves at certain times and knowing that there is some flexibility in your schedule to handle these situations shows employees that as a boss or manager you care about their lives and health.

Compensation and benefits have been the main driving force behind employees seeking other jobs. If an employee is unhappy with their salary and does not have extra benefits to entice them to stay, there is a good chance they will find what they are looking for in another company. This creates a high turnover rate in a business which is detrimental to its success. This wastes time and money and also creates a loss of great employees. Instead of working at their top level, employees tend to slack off and will not create as much productivity for your business. Instead of being put in that position, create a thriving atmosphere for employees that will increase productivity and one of the best ways to do this is with comprehensive benefit packages. Retaining top level employees is easier by giving them more than just a paycheck. With so many jobs out there to choose from, these benefits will also give your business an edge when recruiting new employees.

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