Client Success: Personalized HR Solutions Deliver Optimal Value

March 20, 2024

A New Jersey light manufacturer was struggling to meet the diverse health coverage needs of their 15 employees within a rigid Professional Employer Organization (PEO) arrangement. They turned to Tesseon to orchestrate a strategic exit from the PEO and craft a tailored benefits program aligned with employee priorities.

The Challenge: A One-Size-Fits-All Approach Wasn’t Fitting Anyone With a workforce spanning different age groups, the company’s PEO health plans were creating frustration. Employees over 65 faced high costs for insufficient coverage, while the under-30 staff wanted more affordable contributions. Trapped in an inflexible framework, the company couldn’t address these conflicting needs.

The Tesseon Solution: Dedicated Experts, Meticulous Customization Tesseon’s representative conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing PEO setup. Collaborating closely with an experienced broker, they devised a personalized benefits strategy centered on employee segmentation:

Senior staff transitioned to Medicare Supplement plans for enhanced coverage and lower premiums

Younger employees moved to high-deductible plans with per-pay contributions cut in half

A review of the company’s stellar workers’ comp history further empowered Tesseon to negotiate directly with insurers, unlocking additional savings.

Transformative Results: Savings, Satisfaction, Strategic Alignment By exiting the restrictive PEO model with Tesseon’s guidance, the company achieved:

Significant cost reductions across the entire workforce

Targeted health benefits tailored to generational needs and preferences

Direct insurance policies aligned with the company’s risk profile

Most importantly, this strategic overhaul brought the company’s HR practices into lockstep with their innovative, employee-centric values.

Delivering Expertise, Empowering HR Transformations This success story exemplifies Tesseon’s commitment to workforce empowerment through consultative HR solutions. With dedication, in-depth analyses, and strategic execution, we navigate even the most complex transitions – transforming challenges into optimized opportunities for savings, satisfaction, and sustainable growth.

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