Who We Serve

Work with Tesseon to simplify employee scheduling, help managers make the right business decisions in the moment, and optimize labor costs. We offer businesses with a wide array of workforce management solutions that are highly flexible so you can easily incorporate your current processes without making any unnecessary adjustments.

Our Areas of Expertise in Workforce Management Solutions

Founded in 1992 as a payroll processor, we have since developed an array of workforce management solutions that help simplify your current processes to cut down on time and resources. We have expanded beyond helping businesses tackle common business problems, to further support their need for maximum efficiency and accuracy while staying compliant to local labor laws.

By Industry

  • Restaurant
    • Manage schedules, track time across multiple locations and jobs, or calculate tip payouts through our solutions.
  • Manufacturing
    • Track shifts and time cards, calculate multiple pay rates, or conduct safety training through our solutions.
  • Professional Services
    • Attract and retain top talents to significantly improve your business workflows through our solutions.
  • Construction
    • Track and pay your employees across multiple jobs at multiple pay rates through our solutions.
  • Financial Services
    • Maintain compliance and financial certification and keep data secure through our solutions.
  • Retail
    • Juggle locations, manage changing schedules and reconcile time cards through our solutions.
  • Health Care
    • Manage shift changes, track licenses, and create curricula through our solutions.
  • Government
    • Screen candidates, manage staff, or find the best training for your people through our solutions.
  • Nonprofit
    • Focus on your mission and let our solutions help you with time-consuming details.
  • Hospitality
    • Manage changing schedules, juggle locations, and more through our solutions.
  • Education
    • Manage class schedules, arrange for training, and more through our solutions.

By Partner

  • Accountants
    • Grow your value with a partnership powered by our solutions.
  • Brokers
    • Use our solutions built on smart technology to help you and your clients grow.
  • Financial Advisors
    • We provide flexible retirement solutions with supporting tools and resources.
  • Private Equity
    • Create value across your entire portfolio and optimize the investment life cycle.
  • Franchises
    • We help you with payroll, compliance and HR so you can grow your franchise.
  • Banking Professionals
    • Improve relationships with your small business clients. Help them satisfy their Hr needs.

By Company Size

  • Small Businesses
    • Small businesses may not have the luxury of time or money. Our solutions can help them run payroll accurately and efficiently at a low cost.
  • Mid-Sized Businesses
    • Our solutions help you worry less about compliance and make better decisions with predictive analytics.
  • Large Businesses
    • Our solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your current system network to solve any business challenges.

Why Choose Tesseon’s Workforce Management Solutions?

Over the years, we have helped thousands of businesses through our workforce management solutions. Our systems are developed through years of research into automation, compliance, and productivity, thus letting you stay on top of issues that can affect modern workforces and in turn start making better business decisions. Businesses from various industries have all switched to Tesseon to re-think labor costs, employee schedules, and time and attendance, and you should to!

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