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Probability of Success Testing Confirmation

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Find the Right People - Always!

Tesseon’s proven benchmarking and testing platform will give you comfort that every new hire is set up for optimal success.

Tesseon will help you discover the criteria for success of each position you are trying to fill.  From there, we will work with you to fine tune what it takes for someone to be successful, including defining their WHY or What motivates them, their HOW or What behavioral profile is needed to be successful in a particular seat and their COMPETENCIES – What experiential skills are required to maximize their potential, short and long term.

From there we model the optimal position benchmark and overlay candidates to determine fit and calculate an individual’s probability of success.  You will know, in advance, whether a candidate will help your organization succeed.

This process has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as lost time hiring the wrong people.

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