By Partner

Tesseon has been helping thousands of businesses simplify their current HR and payroll processes since our inception in the industry in 1992. We help employers grow and thrive alongside their employees to achieve greater success in their operations. Our workforce management solutions were developed in hopes of providing an avenue for business owners to have access to the necessary tools that are needed to improve their existing processes and reduce manual work that can be tedious and time-consuming for their team.

About Our Partners

Tesseon partners with professionals from various sectors to help them grow their clientele by providing them the necessary web-based workforce management tools. Our partners get to reach new levels of success which their own clients get to simultaneously achieve along with their guidance.

  • Accountants

Let us help you expand your practice and improve your  services through our wide range of payroll, HR, and analytical solutions. You can access your clients’ data and manage it from any location to make real-time updates and decisions. Data changes are recorded immediately and reflected so you can better manage your client portfolio.

  • Brokers

Tesseon offers a wide array of HR solutions that can help you grow your business. The tools we have are built on the foundation of accuracy and consistency so you can better manage your clients’ investment portfolio. Any decisions can be made immediately which are recorded real-time.

  • Financial Advisors

Helping your clients choose a retirement plan and other types of coverage that best match their personal needs involves a complex process. Make use of our web-based tools to help you make a faster decision that offers maximum value to your clients.

  • Private Equity

Use our web-based tools to produce value throughout your whole portfolio. You can also optimize the investment life cycle so as to help your clients achieve their desired results in a much more efficient manner.

  • Franchises

Leave payroll, HR, ADP, and compliance processes to us. We have the necessary payroll and HR solutions that can simplify the different processes. With more time on your hands, you can focus on growing your franchise.

  • Banking Professionals

Help your clients meet their payroll and HR needs in a much more efficient way through the use of our workforce management solutions. You can attract new business and retain existing clients when you meet their expectations.

Why Work with Tesseon?

Enjoy greater simplicity of your HR and payroll processes when you work with Tesseon for cutting-edge workforce management solutions. We provide tools on a single web-based platform that enables you to effortlessly manage employee data to boost productivity and retain employee satisfaction. Our company is comprised of experienced specialists who are well-versed in every aspect of employee management. We can help you to select the most ideal workforce management solution that best matches the unique needs of your business. Our solutions can be tailored to suit your organizational needs so there is no need for you to make any adjustments of your current established procedures.

To learn more about our partnerships, do not hesitate to schedule a call with us now.