By Industry

At Tesseon, we strive to help your company realize its true human potential. We have a broad variety of cutting-edge workforce management solutions that are developed from the foundation of compliance and accuracy to help your organization achieve maximum efficiency in its business processes. We have helped thousands of companies since our inception in the industry in 1992, and today, we can help you simplify your HR and payroll processes to cut down on time and resources. Through the use of our workforce management solutions, you get to focus on improving your business operations and raise initiatives on how to retain employee satisfaction that drives optimum productivity. Reach out to us to learn more about our solutions and how they can help your business thrive even in tough times.

Industries We Serve

Tesseon offers a wide array of workforce management solutions for a large variety of industries, simplifying their processes to reduce manual procedures and cut down on time and resources.

  • Restaurants

Through our workforce management solutions, you get to manage schedules, track time across multiple locations and jobs, or calculate tip payouts.

  • Manufacturing

Track shifts and time cards, calculate multiple pay rates, or conduct safety training for employees through the use of our workforce management solutions.

  • Professional Services

Make use of our workforce management solutions to attract and retain top talents from the job market to significantly improve your business workflows.

  • Construction

Track and pay your employees across multiple jobs at multiple pay rates from a single web-based tool offered at Tesseon.

  • Financial Services

Maintain compliance and financial certification and keep data secure through our web-based workforce management solutions.

  • Retail

You can juggle various locations, manage changing schedules, and reconcile time cards through the aid of our workforce management solutions.

  • Health Care

Manage changes in shifts, track facility licenses, and create curricula in a much more efficient way through our solutions.

  • Government

You get to screen candidates, manage employees, or find the best training for your staff by using our workforce management solutions.

  • Nonprofit

Get support for time-consuming details so you can focus on your nonprofit’s mission.

  • Hospitality

Manage changes in schedules, juggle through different job locations, and pay wages.

  • Education

Arrange scheduling of classes, sign up for employee training programs, and manage employee records.

Why Choose Tesseon’s HR Solutions?

Manage your employee data better in a more efficient way through our workforce management solutions. We have the tools that you need to seamlessly integrate your processes into a single web-based solution so as to simplify your current methods without excessive manual intervention. You get to cut down on the time needed to process your payroll and other employee data so your team can focus on other business operations that help your company to move forward to greater heights. Our workforce management solutions are built on the foundation of proprietary data analytics that can help us identify key inflection points in your workforce infrastructure. You will have access to the right solutions at the right times so as to reinforce what you believe in that can help your company to grow and thrive.

For more information about the industries we serve, feel free to schedule a call with us today!