By Company Size

Take advantage of our wide array of workforce management solutions at Tesseon to simplify your existing processes and save time and money. We strive to help you integrate your existing solutions to our solutions to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy in your payroll and human resource systems. Consult our specialists to find the most ideal workforce management solution that best meets your unique business needs.

Company Sizes that Tesseon Serves

  • Small Businesses

Small businesses may not have the luxury of money or time which may inflict inaccuracy when it comes to payroll processes. We provide a solution that lets small business owners run payroll more efficiently and accurately while cutting down on manual work.

  • Mid-Sized Businesses

Take advantage of our workforce management solutions to make better, faster decisions for your business. Our solutions are easy to use and are built on the foundation of predictive analytics.

  • Large Businesses

Everyday challenges that large businesses face can be overwhelming for employees. To simplify daily processes, our HR and payroll systems can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures.

Benefits of Using Payroll and HR Solutions

Using payroll and HR solutions from Tesseon can help alleviate compliance risks like employee rights violation and tax penalties. The solutions automate payroll and HR processes and send out alerts and notifications to remind HR managers about necessary documentation. There are built-in metrics that highlight emerging issues which can be quickly corrected before they progress into legal problems.

Types of Payroll and HR Solutions We Offer

  • Applicant Tracking – Reach top talent in the market quickly through our applicant tracking system. You can also organize and screen applications from only one central, web-based location.
  • Onboarding – Our onboarding solution lets you consolidate, streamline, and track your onboarding and compliance processes through a paperless system.
  • Payroll – Make use of our payroll system to access data anytime and from any location.
  • Time and Attendance – Our system lets you create schedules, manage attendance and paid time off, and track and allocate time all from a single solution.
  • Human Resources – Our HR solution lets you track employee data more efficiently. You can also monitor compliance electronically as well as manage administrative tasks that include certifications, OSHA, licensing, salary and job management, disciplinary actions, performance reviews, company assets, and more.
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) – Our solution lets you track employee data to easily identify and address ACA compliance problems in real-time.
  • Benefit Administration – Implement an automated benefit enrollment system with our customized, efficient web-based tool.
  • Workers’ Compensation – Avoid guesswork related to workers’ compensation premiums while improving your company’s cash flow.

Why Choose Tesseon’s Payroll and HR Solutions?

Tesseon utilizes proprietary data analytics that help us identify key inflection points in each company’s workforce infrastructure. This means that you can receive the right solutions at the right times to reinforce what you believe in when it comes to helping your business grow and thrive even in tough times amidst tight competition.

Want to know more about Tesseon’s payroll and HR solutions? Schedule a call with us today!