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Automate Your Benefits Enrollment Process

Tesseon’s easy-to-use platform can customize your benefits enrollment process, saving you time and money.

Are you looking for an effective way to manage your employees’ benefits and claims? Our electronic enrollment tool can help you to simplify the benefits administration process, saving you time and money. We are able to work directly with your carriers and broker to create an automated benefits administration system that will suit your business needs.

Enrollment Portal for Employees

When new employees join the company, they can easily access and make claims for their benefits through the enrollment portal. Outside of the enrollment period, you will have complete control over the types of rewards and benefits you wish to extend to your employees. When you first engage in our services, we will listen to your unique business needs and design a portal that will serve you well.

Electronic Enrollment and Approval Process for HR

When an employee has a claim to make, the resulting process can be tedious and time-consuming. From checking supporting paperwork such as doctor’s notes to getting this approved, your HR staff members may end up with a lot on their hands. With an electronic enrollment system, the approval process can be made much smoother for your HR team.

Customized Plans, Eligibility Rules, and Notifications

It can be the case that not all employees are on the same benefits package. Depending on their role and the time they have been with your company, some employees may be eligible for more comprehensive benefits than others. 

Instead of manually reviewing this each time a claim is made, customized plans, eligibility rules, and notifications can be set up to ensure that the correct benefits package is applied to each employee.

Benefit Evaluation Utility

From time to time, you may wish to reevaluate the benefits package you are offering and consider whether your employees are making good use of it. Your employees may also have given you some feedback regarding the types of benefits they would like to have and the types that do not apply to them. 

If you find that you are spending a substantial amount on providing a benefit that your employees do not really utilize, you may wish to get rid of it. On the other hand, if you find that your employees often exhaust the limit of a specific benefit, you may want to look into providing more extensive coverage in that aspect. 

With a benefits administration system that works, you can easily access the data necessary to make these decisions.

Retirement Account Administration

If you provide retirement benefits for your employees, you will need an efficient way of managing their retirement accounts. The most common type of employer-sponsored retirement plan is a 401K plan. You will retain flexibility in setting up options for your employees, and you may even qualify for tax incentives. 

Regardless of the type of retirement plans you offer your employees, our benefits administration system will allow you to manage these accounts from one convenient dashboard.